Moving you from pain to pain-free to effortless

If an accident, injury, or illness has taken your life in unexpected directions,  reclaim yourself from the lost and found. 


Whether you are reclaiming your quality of life after a stroke or brain injury, recovering from a work related problem such as RSI, or seeking to enhance your performance in life or sport....improving your movement radiates benefits into your life and the lives of those you love. 

Movement pervades all systems. Improving movement is the golden pathway to improving the functioning of the whole system. Upgrading your movement upgrades you.

Improving movement grows out of improving information flow in the system. You can learn and grow. I have information to help you help yourself from the inside out. You are the power. I help you rewire the connections and throw the switch.

My work tends to begin after other modalities have plateaued. Let me fill the gap between your present state and full recovery of your quality of life. Nothing beats standing on your own feet and moving unassisted under your own power. 

My work has helped, is helping, and will help 

* Brain injuries 

* Stroke 

* Accidents 

* Balance problems 

* Neurological illnesses 

* Troubled Sleep 

* Stress that debilitates 

* Decline in activity and performance 

Please consider this....

If you ask yourself, “ When did I learn to talk?“, you begin to notice that learning to talk is a process that occurs over time. It didn’t happen in a flash. You worked at it. What might, at first, seem a fixed event, is an ongoing process open to revision, relearning, and reformulation. It’s the same with movement. Nothing is the final word. 

75-90 minute sessions, $75.00 

Cash, check, Square, Venmo 


Based in Denver, Colorado. 

Studios at 400 S. Williams St. 80209 and 

4890 Stuart St. 80212 

I travel to clients for whom travel is an issue. 

Internet consultations available.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Intuitive Creator of Healing Environments


I was in a wheelchair for 18 months as a child due to degenerated cartilage. At 7 1/2, I had to teach myself to walk again. There were no options available at that time. I have become the resource I needed back then. I have learned many useful things in the 61 years since then. Let me put my experience, skills, and knowledge to work for you.